In the latest Talking Port interview, Matty Baker catches up with Brandon Arthur to discuss his first season at the club, how he’s coping without football and his recent participation representing the club in the Welsh Fifa Tournament organised by Ammanford AFC.

How have you enjoyed your first season at Port Talbot Town FC? 

Matty Baker: It’s been really enjoyable. I felt like we were starting to show how well we can really do until Covid-19 put a stop to our season! We have a great bunch of lads that have welcomed me in and made me feel wanted which is nice for me.

Q: When did you first hear that the club was interested in signing you? 

Matty: It wasn’t quite so much a case of the club being interested in me. I moved down to the area from Chepstow last summer and I needed to find a new club. Luckily, Port Talbot is only ten minutes down the road so I asked if I could come long and that’s how it came about

Have things been what you expected before joining? 

I didn’t really know what to expect when I was joining the club because I have never played in the Welsh League before this season. It has been a lot more phsycial than I expected which was tough for me because I like to think I’m a player who can get the ball down and try and make things happen and play nice football. But sometimes you need to dig in and win ugly in this league.

You recently represented the club in the Welsh Fifa Tournament, what was that experience like?

It was nice to be able to represent the club, but I didn’t do as well as I wanted because I went out in the third round. However, it was always going to be difficult for me playing on a console that I never play on, so I did okay to win two games!

Is it fair to say that a few teammates and supporters put a lot of pressure on you? 

I don’t feel any pressure as such from my teammates or the supporters in the tournament or on the pitch. It’s more the pressure I put on myself. I always want to do my best for the team and be the best that I possibly can be.

How are you coping without weekly football amidst the Covid-19 breakout? 

It’s been a struggle! I’m really missing playing football and seeing all the lads. You take it all for granted when you are there, but it’s amazing how much football can change people’s lives. But of course, everyone’s health has to come first. 

What has been your personal moment of the season so far? And what would you say has been the team’s result or performance of the season? 

This was both my favourite personal moment and team performance of the year. It was definitely our 3-0 away win at Risca in January. It was a must win for us as both teams are challenging for promotion and we wanted to get one over on them after they beat us on penalties and in the reverse league fixture. It was a really professional performance from us. We were solid at the back and took the chances we created really well. Personally, it was one of my best games this season.

Finally, where do you see the club moving forward in the next couple of seasons?

It’s hard to say where we will be with what is happening right now because everything is all up in the air, but everyone at the club has a winning mentality. We all know that this clubs needs to be back where it belongs, and we will give our all to do that.