Credit: Russell Morris

TALKING PORT: Looking Back on 2019

On the latest edition of Talking Port, we caught up with a number of players, coaches, supporters and club officials to give their favourite Port Talbot Town Football Club moments of 2019. Here is how they responded.

Mark Pike: Derbies always make for good memories and the best game to date was the 4-4 draw away to Afan Lido. Going 4-2 up with not long to go was fantastic, but our start to this season has been superb and the goal of Owen Williams at Gorseinon in the FAW Trophy to win the game in the last moments was something else.

Mark Pitman: 
It would have to be the 4-4 draw with Afan Lido in April. Although it was disappointing to surrender the lead three times, it was a fantastic game and atmosphere, and showed that there is still enough local interest in the fixture despite a tough couple of seasons for the club.

Morrys Scott: 
My favourite PTT moment of 2019 is our 5-0 win at Garden Village. It was a fantastic day where both the team and fans clicked together.

Ryan Morgan: My favourite moment hasn’t happened yet, but when we go up that will be it.

Morgan Thomas: 
My favourite moment in 2019 probably has to go with beating Goytre Gwent 3-0 at home which we all thought at the time had sealed our safety in the league.

James Harris: 
I have no idea what my favourite 2019 moment is to be honest! Staying up was a good moment, but then we got demoted anyway.

Charles Musselwhite: I think every now and then you get a glimpse of what the future might be like for PTT. The performance against Garden Village when we won 5-0 this year after struggling to score in previous games was sensational and the support was amazing from the fans ­– imagine that a few years on higher up the leagues. 

Jordan Pike: 
For me personally, scoring my first senior goal for Port Talbot Town against Monmouth.

Craig Mapstone: 
Beating Goytre 3-0. That felt like getting over the line at the time in securing mathematical safety. 

Geraint Rowlands: My favourite moment of 2019 was probably the game versus Garden Village where slaughtered them 5-0. It was the best football I have seen the boys play.

Owen Williams: The best moment of 2019 for me is probably my winning goal against Gorseinon!

Dylan Llewellyn: It 100% has to be the trip home from Haverfordwest last season on the bus with the fans. It really showed how close we were as a team and a club that day.

Brandon Arthur: Keane Watts’ second goal to go 4-2 up at the Lido was a special moment, but with hindsight it probably has to be the Owen Williams winner at Gorseinon. A sublime goal to win a bonkers cup tie!

Jack Underwood: I think my favourite moment of 2019 might have to be scoring my first hat-trick for the club against Blaenrhondda.

Tom Neville: The 5-0 win away from home against Garden Village for me. We had plenty of the Port Talbot lads on the side cheering us on as well as the performance from the team. It’s not often that you get days like that in football, so it was great to be a part of it.

Jordan Edwards: It would have to be scoring on my return debut against Ton Pentre as it’s only been one full game!

Dylan Edwards:
 5-0 Garden Village.

Jackson Hall: My favourite PTT moment of 2019 was our 2-0 win against Monmouth at home on the first game of the season. People had been doubting us yet again so to come out of that game with a clean sheet and scoring two goals was a good achievement for us. That has given us a drive this season to do well. Starting off the season with three points made us realise we had a good chance of this league.

Russell Morris: Probably the draw at home versus Trefelin as everyone had written us off before the match. Either that or putting Bridgend Street to the sword. But then again, the biggest thing is not on the pitch. It’s the realisation of going from being a supporter and taking a few pictures to help promote the club to then being on the committee and becoming director. It’s seeing that to run a club takes more than just ninety minutes. All the work people do behind the scenes to get the club ticking over to be able to have a football match and create these moments.

Leanne Embling: 
I think it’ll have to be Owen Williams’s goal against Gorseinon. They had pushed us all the way, but Owen showed his quality with a first class half volley in the last minute. Fantastic goal!

Kevin Griffiths: It would have to be the 4-4 draw with Afan Lido. It was a great game and a great atmosphere! Looking at this season in 2019 though, I would say the 5-0 win against Garden Village. We were pure class that day with amazing support. Individually, it has to be Jordan Pike’s first goal for the club against Monmouth.

Blake Morgan: It probably has to be the 3-0 win versus Goytre which pretty much secured our survival (even though it ultimately didn’t). We played excellent, the atmosphere was the best I have ever played in and the win gave me the most immense feeling of pride, relief and euphoria. Not far off in second would the previous game a week before at Haverfordwest away. That was an unbelievable day and another great result under the circumstances.

Andy Jones: Taking the team talk at the end of the Bridgend Street game!

Alan Owen: 
The funniest moment I suppose is that it was mentioned to Jack Underwood against Blaenrhondda that we wanted a hat-trick from him and I said there’s more chance of Jordan Pike breaking his duck. Jack went on to score his hat-trick and Pike duly obliged just a few games later and I had to eat my words.

Matt Baker: My favourite moment of 2019 was probably our 4-1 home win against Bridgend Street. We weren’t at our best, but we all worked hard for each other and took the chances we had very well against one of the tougher sides in the league.