TALKING PORT: Blake Morgan

In the latest edition of Talking Port, Brandon Arthur caught up with first team forward Blake Morgan for an exclusive interview. Blake talks all things on the injury front, his time in the stands with the fans and his personal goals for the season.

Hi Blake, thanks very much for your time. First of all, how are things on the injury front after you missed a good chunk of the start of the season?

Hi Brandon, it’s not a problem whatsoever. I’m feeling okay on the injury front, but rupturing ankle ligaments is a tough one to come back from. I’ll always have a weakness there, but I do feel that the ankle is now capable of being played on. I’ve just got to work on my fitness at the moment.

You didn’t stay away from the club in your time on the side-lines, being very vocal in the stands during the 5-0 win at Garden Village. How much did you enjoy that?

The club has become a big part of me since I joined so I’ve tried to be there to help and support when I haven’t been playing. That trip away from home at Garden Village was an excellent afternoon and the celebrations went on until very late in the night!

You always make a point to thank supporters both home and away. How important are the Port Talbot Town fans to you?

I know how much of an impact the support from the stands can have on the field. The fans always give me a huge lift and I appreciate them greatly when playing. It was nice to integrate with the fiercely loyal fan base and create a very memorable away day at Garden Village.

With Jack Underwood suspended following his red card last week, are you hoping to step up and have a good run of games?

I am hoping that I will at least be in the thoughts of the manager. It’s been really hard to get going this season having to recover from my injury and having heavy work commitments, particularly over the festive period.

You made an instant impact off the bench back in the 2-0 December win at Monmouth Town, how important was that?

That game against Monmouth gave me the confidence and belief that I could actually make a comeback after slightly contemplating giving up altogether. It just reignited my fire and made me hungry to play again. With work a little less busy now, I should be available for most of the rest of the season.

It’s clear to see that you wear your heart on your sleeve when playing for the team. How much does both football and Port Talbot Town FC mean to you?

Football has always been the one thing I can count on in life. It’s my love and passion. I was of the generation that we would get a ball and roam the streets rather than be stuck indoors playing video games. My relationship with Port Talbot Town is a bit of a love/hate relationship. I love the players, the fans, the management team, the youngsters, the families and the staff involved at the club. Off field problems and uncertainties leave me a little uneasy, especially with the administrative relegation which we faced last year. That was a very bitter pill to swallow. 

What’s your favourite moment so far in a Port Talbot Town shirt?

I don’t have a single, favourite moment. There are a few highlights though; my debut, my first goal, our first win, hearing the crowd sing my name and the beers after a win, loss or draw. There have been too many good times for me to list them all as I don’t have a definitive favourite.

And what are your goals for the remainder of the season?

My goals? Well, to score some for myself would be lovely. But honestly, the main goal is promotion. We still have to fight and believe that we will get out of the league even though we’ve thrown away a few points lately. For me personally, I’d like to get some minutes under my belt, add some goal involvements and help contribute to an almighty push for promotion.

You can catch Blake and the rest of the first team in action this Saturday (8 February) as the Blues travel east to take on Caldicot Town in Welsh League Division One (2pm).